Beautiful almost uninhabited beach with a low key style.  The location may be vacation rental, but I'm not and you're a welcomed guest in the home I designed and built.  When I'm home, let's sit and chat and when I'm not, enjoy the privacy.

I Stay Molokai   -    Kanoa Beach & Fishpond

Steve Legare © 2013 All Rights Reserved

My name is Steve Legare.  I'm a retired firefighter & teacher, I love to play soccer (even at my age) and I share my life with a wonderful artist/paddler lady, Ani (  My website isn't commercial (I did it on my Mac) and neither are we and yes, I took all the pictures from my house and yard and beach.  (Checkout the sunrises and sunsets on the forth page or run the slideshow on the last page.  Though some are zoomed, none of my pics are "Photoshopped"!  They are as the camera caught them.)