There's lots to do on Molokai (click on the links  and will give you a good idea) or borrow our kayaks, paddle straight out and commune with the honu (turtles) or just sit back on the beach, watch whales jumping and fish schooling, enjoy the the sun and do…. nothing.

Being centrally located on the south shore means a quick run to almost anywhere that's paved and only 4 miles to town and shopping.

There's 2 bedrooms, each with a double bed that share a full bath, cable TV & Wi-Fi.  On the deck is a pull-out couch and the living room has double padded bench seating that can sleep 2-3 more.  And if I'm off-island or at Ani's, the master suite and bath are also available....)  We share the kitchen and the common areas so its more like being housemates, only I furnish all the stuff we use.  There's also a separate back entrance for more privacy and quick access to the beach.

I Stay Molokai   -    Kanoa Beach & Fishpond


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